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When it comes to the subject of raising a puppy to be a great dog it seems as if everyone online has an opinion. Unfortunately, the subject of what exactly defines the perfect dog is truly subjective. What’s perfect for one person is torture to another. Nothing is perfect for everyone because no one is perfect.

Dogs are no different than people in that sense. Not one is “perfect” in the pure sense of the word.

Scholars tell us the that perfection is merely a concept, and is unobtainable. I would tend to agree. Obsessively chasing perfection will bring nothing but frustration.

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So before you get all set on taking your dog to puppy school to teach them a bunch of silly tricks and semi-useless commands you need to stop for a second and answer one simple question. Is having the dog version of a
trained seal really something you need from your “perfect” dog? Is the primary purpose of your dog to entertain and impress friends and relatives with how clever they are? I didn’t think so.

What strikes me odd, is the large number of dogs who can do all kinds of tricks that also require their owners to launch into a lengthy list of things not to do around their dog. I will never understand why learning parlor tricks
is more important than correcting dog behavioral issues to so many people.

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Dog owners invest hours of their time training their dog sit, stay and down.

But when it comes to what is really important they don’t give a thought.

Part of the problem is the “me too” dog trainers who do exactly what everyone else is doing. They look at what the majority of other trainers are doing and follow suit. The result is a bunch of dogs who only know the sit,
the down, and the stay. Just like a human version of the Lemming, these trainers blindly follow along to the detriment of themselves and everyone who follows them.

Consider this, every year more dogs are euthanized because of behavioral issues than any other reason. Dogs are put to sleep because of aggressive behavior, growling and challenging. It makes no difference if the
aggression is directed at children, strangers or even their owners it’s a bad situation.
But instead of teaching people how to curb their aggressive dog, most trainers focus only on sit, down and stay.

Ever hear of a dog being put to sleep because they were slow on the down command, didn’t sit right, or had a poor stay? No. Yet that is all that’s being taught by most trainers.

Compared to the dangers posed by a dog that’s out of control those things are trivial.

A dog that does not listen is not only a danger to themselves, but to strangers, other dogs even passing drivers. But very few trainers will demonstrate how to stop this kind of behavior, because sadly very few understand how to do this themselves.

If you were to ask most people what a perfect dog is like you will get a variation of the following list:
1. Calm and relaxed when close to any other animals especially dogs
2. Friendly to anyone no matter their age
3. Relaxed and obedient around the home
4. Comes right away when called at the park
5. A perfect angel when walking on the leash in public

Does that sound anything like how you would like your dog to behave?

I thought so.

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At this point you’re probably thinking something like, “Sounds great, but how do I do that”?

I have some good news for you, it isn’t complicated. Not any more. Thanks to Doggy Dan’s The Online Trainer video web site, https://doggietimes.com/recommends/expert-training/. The site even offers a zero risk 3 day trial for only $1! You will not regret checking out Doggy Dan’s site. The site is filled with videos that will walk you through every necessary step to raise your dog to be that perfect dog.

Dan details everything you need to know about raising the perfect dog in his video diary of his 8 week old puppy named Moses every step of the way to that perfect dog I mentioned earlier. Doggy Dan filmed his puppy for
it’s whole first year. For each week he has lessons on what kind of training your puppy needs for each stage of it’s life. That means you can follow along with the lessons giving your puppy exactly the training they need at
exactly the right time. This ensures that bad behavior doesn’t manifest itself later on.

The site has information on every type of dog problem you could ever face. With over 250 videos available showing you how to instill those 5 behaviors I mentioned earlier plus way more.

So if you love dogs, but are tired of dealing with bad behavior it’s time for a change for the better. If you truly want to have all the time you spend with your pet to be good times then click this link,
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Watch the video below to see Doggie Dan in action…

How to raise the perfect Dog – The Online Dog Trainer