Every dog barks, some bark more than others. But nobody wants a canine version of Elvis, just a barking all the time…

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It makes zero difference if their bark is so deep it rattles the windows or so high it could shatter fine crystal. Few things will wear on your patience faster than a dog that just won’t stop barking.

Besides putting a strain on your relationship with and enjoyment of your dog, it can cause problems with your neighbors as well. In some cases it can even lead to angry neighbors or animal control officers knocking on your door, even citations and fines.

On the positive side, this can be fixed. First, you need to understand why dogs bark. Dogs bark for several reasons. They bark because they are excited to see you. Dogs bark because of anxiety and stress.

The takeaway here is that dogs bark when they are stressed, frustrated, anxious or over excited. Those are all emotions your dog and you are better off without experiencing.

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The solution?

A dog that is relaxed and content is not going to bark!

So how do you make sure your dog is relaxed and content?

The first and most important step is to understand the differences between a dog’s world and our world.

To illustrate the point we will use the very common issue of dogs that bark whenever they are left alone at home.

Most dog owners never even realize they have this problem until they get that fateful knock on their door.

To understand the real reason your dog is barking you need to not make the mistake of trying to use human perceptions to fix your dog. The average reaction when someone learns that their dog barks when they are gone is they will deduce that the dog is lonely and often get another dog “to keep them company” and stop the barking. Problem solved, right?

Not so fast, you now have two dogs barking when they are left alone. Not exactly what you were shooting for here. But that’s exactly what happens when you try to apply human logic to a dog problem.

You MUST understand how to think like a dog to resolve the issue, so above all you need to remember that your dog is by nature and heritage a pack animal.
Unlike human society where all are considered “equal” a pack has members who fill one of two roles. Packs have leaders and followers.

Pack leader’s provide several functions and one of the primary ones is to protect the pack. When you bring a dog into your home anyone living there automatically becomes a part of that dog’s new pack. No matter if you
are talking about a puppy or a full grown dog, the dog will always try to assume the role of pack leader.

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The net result is when you, (their pack) leave the dog at home alone the dog gets very stressed out. This happens because the dog thinks it’s pack is lost.
The dog isn’t barking because it is lonely. In reality they are frantically calling out to you to come back. The dog is stressed because they can’t do their job of protecting you if you aren’t there!

Dogs think they need to take care of us in the same way we think about having to care for an infant.

You wouldn’t just suddenly get up and walk out of the room while watching an infant crawl on the floor because you realize the baby can’t take care of itself.

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If your small child were to unexpectedly stand up and walk outside your natural instinct is to get up and run after that child so you can protect them.

Dogs think about us the same way that we think about a small child.

When you leave the house your dogs instinct is to follow you so they can protect you, but they’re locked in so they can’t. Think about it, you would become frantic if you couldn’t follow the child out of the house wouldn’t you? You would pick up a phone and call somebody instantly. But what if you didn’t have your phone? Your only resort would be to start to loudly call for help.

When you leave, your dog dog is experiencing exactly the same kind of stress. They can’t get out. They have no phone. So they call for help the only way they know how, by barking!

Now that you understand why the dog barks when you leave, it should shed some some light on all of your dog’s other annoying behaviors that only seem to happen when you aren’t around. Stress in dogs can result in chewing,

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wanton destruction of furniture or other things, attempts to dig under walls and fences, and dogs who jump over the fence. Yes, all the things that have been driving you crazy about your dog are all signs of a dog under stress because of you not being at home and safe. Unfortunately, your dog doesn’t speak the same language as you, so they can’t tell you what is wrong

Now that we understand the problem we can find a solution. So if another dog won’t work, how about a bone or something like that? Even the best treat will only be a distraction at best. You may buy half an hour, but then it’s back to business as usual. This amounts to treating the symptoms while ignoring the real cause. If you have already tried this you know it doesn’t work.

So what does?

There are a few things that can help to calm your dog and help them relax.

Some examples are:
• Exercise: Exercise your dog before you leave them – a tired dog
is more likely to relax
• Find the right area: Try leaving your dog in different places – some dogs do much better outside, others are better off inside, sometimes in smaller spaces
• Food and water: Always leave water down and make sure that your dog is warm and fed before you leave
• NO bones: Toys are fine but never bones
• Music and TV: Try leaving music or a TV playing for your dog – these distractions can help
• Herbal remedies: There are a few herbal products for dogs that can help relax them, but like the other things here they do not really treat the cause of the problem and are rather expensive
• Dog walkers: A nice walk in the middle of the day can break up the monotony of a long day for your dog.
• Go calmly: When you leave your dog, do so calmly getting your dog excited is counterproductive. Saying goodbye to your dog about 5 minutes before leaving helps them stay more relaxed
• Comfort jackets: There are jackets and shirts available designed to comfort dogs – they are very expensive and generally not effective.

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So what is the real solution?

Well, we are dealing with a pack animal, so you simply need to become leader of the pack in your dog’s eyes!

Do this right, and your dog will no longer feel the need to protect you. Instead of going nuts when you leave, they will be calm and relaxed. That’s the “secret” to stopping your dog from barking. No magic tricks, no need to be a “Dog Whisperer,” just a simple understanding between you and your dog.
No worries, becoming the pack leader is something anyone can do and it isn’t hard if you do it the right way.

But it’s not something I can explain in two or three paragraphs either.
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