Police dog training

This video shows some steps using visual markers as aids in teaching a high drive police dog to stop instantly. I am using a whistle in this video, but this can obviously be paired with your voice as well. I am just showing the numerous options of how to implement into your regular program. I […]

Emotional Support Dog Training + More 🐶

Today we’re talking all about ESAs or Emotional Support Animals! I guess I should mostly say Emotional Support Dogs. If you’re thinking of adding a new pup to your family for support through a chronic illness (mental and/or physical) I am so very excited for you! I think this is one of the best things […]

Puppies Litter Hanovarian Dogs Hs

Transforming Your Puppy Into The Perfect Dog For You

When it comes to the subject of raising a puppy to be a great dog it seems as if everyone online has an opinion. Unfortunately, the subject of what exactly defines the perfect dog is truly subjective. What’s perfect for one person is torture to another. Nothing is perfect for everyone because no one is […]

Teach Your Dog to Fetch

Teaching your dog to fetch can be a daunting task, but I break it down in this video with the Duane O Mator. He’s a very green dog so you will see all the mistakes in real time. I left most of them in so that you can learn how to handle them. Its not […]