10 Best Portable Dog Beds 2019

Portable dog beds included in this wiki include the chuckit! travel, a4pet lookout booster, hdp elevated napper, superjare cot, kurgo 1560 wander, paw petmaker, petmaker 5061b, lightspeed outdoors self inflating, ruffwear highlands, and gen7pets trailblazer. Portable dog beds are also commonly known as travel friendly dog beds.

Selecting the Correct Size Dog Travel Crate

Choosing the right size crate is crucial for a safe and comfortable travel experience for your pet, as well as a smooth process for their check-in.

How To Wash A Dog Bed

Dog beds can be a pain to keep clean. Your dog’s hair and dander will cling to his bedding, and dirt and debris from his coat and paws will cover the bed in no time. That’s why every owner needs to know how to wash a dog bed, even if it’s too large to fit […]

Traveling With A Retriever In A Kennel

A dog crate is essential to traveling with your hunting retriever. Would your dog survive a crash? Would your dog kennel hold up during the accident? Would your dog kennel come flying through your back window or would it go flying into oncoming traffic? In this video on how to travel with your dog, Addison […]

How to Measure Your Dog for a Crate

PetFoodDirect.com’s Valerie shows how to measure your dog for the perfect size crate. If you want your dog or puppy to be successful with crate-training or housebreaking, it’s important to get the proper size crate.

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